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Office:  570-857-0697
Fax:      845-437-7578

To reach the editors of Wicked Good Books by email or emailed attachment, use the Contact form.


ORDERING INFORMATION:  Wicked Good Books, a not-for-profit publisher, makes no direct sales to the individual consumer.  All WGB titles may be purchased from Amazon.com, CreateSpace.com, or from any reputable trade- or online bookstore.


Every retail purchase from WGB generates a donation to a charitable cause of the author’s choice.  In addition, WGB will supply a complimentary copy for needy students whose financial aid does not cover required classroom texts.


INFORMATION FOR AUTHORS:  The editors at Wicked Good Books accept submissions from authors whose previous books have sold at least 10,000 copies; or by invitation.  All submissions are peer-reviewed, which may take up to six months though we shall try to be quicker.  A substantial share of  author royalties on retail sales are earmarked for a charitable cause of the author’s choice (at least 10%; a larger share if the author or editor wishes).


INFORMATION FOR FACULTY in need a teaching copy of a title in the WGB Booklist.   Please consider, before asking for a free copy, that every book sent free of charge to faculty is one that we cannot give to a needy student.  Our resources are limited.  We strongly urge those faculty who can afford it, to purchase a copy for their own use, so that we can keep prices low (all WGB texts are under $30) and so that we can continue to assist needy students as well as public charities.


With that caveat in mind, you may:


Request an Examination copy if you are a professor who wishes to consider a WGB title for adoption as a required text for a course that you teach now or will be teaching within the next year.  Examination copies will be shipped free of charge, for a 60-day trial, on the instructor’s agreement to pay for the copy by credit card or PayPal if the book is neither adopted nor returned but retained for personal use.  (Instructors outside North America may submit their application using the Contact form.)

• Request a complimentary Desk copy if you are a professor and have already adopted a WGB title for the current or next academic term.   (Instructors outside North America may submit their application using the Contact form.)


INFORMATION FOR THE MEDIA:   Request a Review copy if you are a member of the media and wish to write or commission a review of the title.   (Journalists outside North America may address queries using the Contact form.)


INFORMATION FOR AID-DEPENDENT STUDENTS:  If you are enrolled in a course for which a WGB title is a required text and your household income is under $50,000/year, you may request a complimentary Financial Aid copy.  (“Household income” = the combined income of parent(s) or guardians(s) of a dependent; or your own [and spouse’s] household income, if you are self-supporting.)  To apply for a Financial Aid copy, download and complete the form.  Obtain the signature of a financial aid office from your school, or of a parent or guardian who claims you as a dependent.  Then fax your signed request to Wicked Good Books at 845-437-7578, att: Financial Aid manager, Wicked Good Books


TO ALL:   Thank you for your interest in Wicked Good Books!

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