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Women’s Works, volume 1: 900 – 1550
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Paperback (illustrated)
May 2013
ISBN: 978-0-9882820-0-1
8.0" x 10.0" / 440 pages
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If you assumed, or were taught, that women of the British Isles were silent for the first 600 years of our literary tradition, think again.  Gathered here in one highly readable volume are some of the most fascinating women known to history — women writers and artists, nuns and midwives, witches and martyrs, rebels and queens — women whom everyone should get to know in high school and college but whose works have not, until now, been available even to instructors.


Women’s Works, volume 1 (900-1550) supplies the first fully representative history and anthology of (British) women’s culture from the Brythonic period through the Examinations of Anne Askew.  Volume One includes a rich selection of poetry; love epistles; gynecological and birthing literature; an insider’s look at English nun­neries (from nuns’ testimony in the bishops’ visitations); the interrogation of Lollard women; contemporaneous writings by and about the queens of Henry VIII; and more, much more – much of which, we believe, will delight and astound you.


All texts have been edited in normalized spelling and punctuation, from the most authoritative manuscripts and early printed texts.  Old Welsh, Old English, and Old French texts are presented side-by-side with a faithful translation in modern English.  Footnotes are supplied for difficult words or topical allusions.


Biographical, historical, and political or religious context is supplied for all selections, providing in the aggregate a history of women’s writing and culture from 900 – 1550 CE. Illustrations provide a corresponding record of portraits, manuscripts, and handwriting.


A majority of the literary and historical texts in Women’s Works, volume 1, have never before been published, either independently or in an anthology.