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cover "Women's Works" "volume 2" portrait Queen Elizabeth I
Women’s Works, volume 2: 1550 – 1603
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Paperback (illustrated)
September 2013
ISBN: 978-0-9882820-3-2
8.0" x 10.0" / 436 pages
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Women’s Works, Volume Two (1550-1603) covers the Age of Queens: Jane Grey, “the Nine Days Queen” (beheaded at age 17 for her father’s ambition); Mary I (unfairly vilified in the history books as “Bloody Mary”); Elizabeth I (virgin Queen and clever politician), and Mary Queen of Scots (beheaded 1587 by her cousin-queen, Elizabeth). Also in vol. 2 are Britain’s earliest extant lesbian love-verses (by Mary Maitland), early feminist tracts, witty satires, heart-wrenching love-songs, and the tragedies of women who suffered either as accused witches or as misbelieving Christians. The many biographies include the story of Frances Howard, who rose from an orphan to become England’s wealthiest woman. (Three times married, her second marriage broke the heart of Sir George Rodney, who wrote her a verse epistle in his own blood, then committed suicide.) Elizabethan dessert recipes, homeopathic medicine, an account of domestic violence, and the early records of the abortion controversy are here supplied as well.




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