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Tessa Rexroat

An experienced actor and director, Tessa Rexroat has pursued a lifelong study of Shakespearean works both on and off the stage, with an emphasis on understanding the plays as living, breathing works of art. Her academic studies have included alternative interpretations of Hero in Much Ado About Nothing, in which she explores a young, teenage, feminist alternative to the often-silent character, and a linguistic deconstruction of sexualized language in Antony and Cleopatra. Merchant of Venice has long been an area of fascination for her, exploring the historic complications and interpretations that have radically altered the basic meaning and structure of the play over the years, making it one of the most challenging plays for modern performance.

A reformed Vassar English Major living in Berkeley with her handsome husband, Tessa moonlights as an internet geek when she’s not busy with iambic pentameter.  Work in progress:  The Player’s Merchant of Venice.