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The Taming of the Pooch: An Actually True Romance

Paperback (illustrated)
February 2015
ISBN: 978-0-9882820-5-6
5.0" x 8.0" / 213 pages
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The Taming of the Pooch, by Isabella Sforza.  Edited for 21st century lovers by Al Dotson:  From the Jamestown Shakespeare Manuscripts comes the earliest and quite possibly the greatest paperback girl-takes-charge romance of all time, witty, warm, and scrumptious.  Written in 1555 (in Italian) by Isabella Sforza, Lady Porcigliano, and translated by Anne Cook Bacon, the Taming of the Pooch arises from the countess’s love affair  with the Renaissance humorist, Hortensio Lando; but her story features the courtship of Caterina di Baptista of Padua, who teaches her Petruchio everything that every woman ever wished her man knew about true love.  Recovered at last from the dustbin of patriarchalist history, Lady Porcigliano’s Taming may be the most transformative woman’s romance since Adam and Eve.  Also, the funniest.

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